Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Inequality Is Not An Accident

This is very true. It's no accident that the rich have been able to hog most of America's wealth. It is the result of years of Republican politics -- where they have weakened unions, deregulated Wall Street and corporations, given subsidies and tax breaks that were not needed, and generally tilted the economic playing field to benefit the rich (and punish the working and middle classes). The have re-distributed income from most Americans into the bank accounts of the rich. It is time to re-distribute that wealth in the opposite direction. That's not class warfare -- it's self-defense (and patriotism, because it will lead to a healthier economy for everyone).

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  1. So, when Hillary talked about a "Vast right-wing conspiracy" she may have meant it "personally" about the way they went after Bill but it really exists. I don't actually see or theorize about this stuff when it is happening, I just "feel" that things are changing or are different and I have "felt" all these uncomfortable and disconcerting changes in our government and society for a very long time. Now my "feelings" are validated some 35 years later. Thank you Bill Moyers and thank you Ted.


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