Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Right-Wing Running Scared Of Ashley Judd

The newest attack on Ashley Judd has come from the right-wing Daily Caller, which insinuates that somehow she would not be qualified to be a senator because she has appeared nude or partially-nude in some of her movies. The writer (Taylor Bigler) even stupidly asks, "But will Judd be the first potential senator who has -- literally -- nothing left to show us?"

The answer to that question is, of course, NO. They seem to have conveniently forgotten a right-wing senator from the Republican Party -- Scott Brown. Brown posed completely nude in Playgirl Magazine. He did that in 1982. And when he first ran for his senate seat, the right-wing went to great lengths to make voters understand that his posing nude for a national magazine did not in any way make him unqualified to be elected to the U.S. Senate.

Why then should Judd appearing nude in movies disqualify her for the U.S. Senate? Is this just more of the double-standard the right-wing takes toward their view of men and women? We know that they don't believe women should have pay equal to that of men. We know they don't believe women should have control over their own bodies as men do. We know that many of them don't believe women should be equal in marriage, but should submit to a man's will. We know they don't believe women should have leadership positions in religion -- positions reserved only for men. We know they think its appropriate that women be denied certain veteran's benefits because they didn't serve in a combat unit (even though many died or were wounded while serving in the military).

This is just more evidence that the right-wing has elevated hypocrisy to an art form. It also shows that they are terrified that Ashley Judd could defeat Mitch McConnell, if she decides to run against him in the next election. Nudity did not disqualify Scott Brown from serving as a senator, and it should not disqualify Ashley Judd either. That's just fair.

What's so terrible about nudity anyway? It's not nearly as obscene as starvation, torture, inequality, war, poverty, or racism and bigotry -- none of which the right-wing seems to be very bothered about.


  1. We are talking about right wing repukeian religious dimwits. The buyBull say wimans are to be covered and modest. So this Judd is a slut. The Brown guy is a guy so like Noah it is OK to be nude.
    If a repukeian does it it is OK.
    If anyone else does it it is an abomination!!!
    I like Judd and if she is as good at politics as she is an actor we will be well off.

  2. It's sort of a double standard - and part of it is the gender thing.

    But Kentucky also isn't Massachusetts. Scott Brown would never have worked as a Republican candidate in Kentucky.

  3. The silliest, or funniest, part is that the majority of Playgirl subscribers are men. So it's okay to be a naked Republican as long as it's a man being naked for other men? Hmmm...

    If they open just a little wider they can fit BOTH feet in...


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