Sunday, March 10, 2013

Romney For Senate ?

Before you get too carried away, that headline does not refer to Mitt Romney -- but to his brother, Scott Romney (pictured above). A few days ago, long-time Michigan Democratic Senator Carl Levin announced that he would not be running for re-election. That has started some scurrying around for both political parties to find a candidate for the 2014 senate race. And a high-ranking Republican insider in Michigan says that Scott Romney is seriously considering running for the vacated seat.

But it might as well be Mitt, since his brother very likely has the same sort of misguided economic views -- views that Wall Street and the giant corporations would love, but would be disastrous for most Americans. That's because Scott Romney is a Harvard graduate and a corporate lawyer (who works out of Detroit). He would be another voice for the rich in Washington, and another vote to tilt the economic playing field even further in favor of corporations.

Would this Romney have a chance of being elected in Michigan? That all depends upon whether the voters see him as the son of their popular governor, George Romney, or the brother of Mitt Romney (who lost Michigan by a significant margin). In recent years, the state has tended to send Democrats to Washington, with both current senators being Democrats. But the state does have a Republican governor, so anything is possible.

Let us hope the Democrats can find a competent and popular candidate to run for Levin's seat. This is a senate seat the Democrats can't afford to lose.

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