Friday, April 19, 2013

The Selfish & Hypocritical Texas Senators

There is little doubt that Texas has two of the worst (and most hypocritical) senators in this nation. After demanding federal disaster relief for both the wildfires and the drought that struck Texas, John Cornyn turned around and voted against disaster aid for the Hurricane Sandy victims in the Northeast. Ted Cruz wasn't in the Senate yet when the aid for the wildfires and drought were requested, but he also voted against the disaster aid for Hurricane Sandy victims. Cruz and Cornyn were among 36 Senate Republicans who voted against Hurricane Sandy relief.

What will these two senators say now that Governor Perry has asked for disaster relief from the federal government for the explosion in West, Texas. Cornyn will probably ask for the relief to be given -- since he has a history of wanting aid for Texas, while denying aid to disaster victims in other states. It should be interesting to see what Cruz does. Is he just an a-hole when the aid is going to others, or is he an a-hole all the time? Either is unacceptable.

I hope the people of West get the federal aid they need, and I expect they will. President Obama (and the majority in Congress) are not as selfish and hypocritical as the two Texas senators.


  1. "Is he just an a-hole when the aid is going to others, or is he an a-hole all the time?"

    In my experience an asshole is an asshole is an asshole. Apologies if one is not supposed to cuss on your site.

  2. No apology necessary. And you are probably right!


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