Sunday, May 05, 2013

Stop The Demonization Of Innocent People

For many right-wingers in this country, it has become a sport to demonize muslim people. They take the actions of a few fundamentalist terrorists, and use that to smear millions of decent people (people who don't support the terrorists any more than anyone else).

The two charts above are from a survey done by Pew Research Center of muslims around the world in 2012. Note that huge majorities of muslims in all areas do not believe terrorist bombings are justified in defense of islam. And although the numbers get a little larger in some troubled areas (Palestinian Territories, Afghanistan, Egypt, etc.), even in those areas a large and clear majority condemn the terrorist bombings.

The other chart shows that majorities of muslims also believe in democracy, and even larger majorities believe in religious freedom (the right of a person in their country to believe in a different religion). The truth is that muslims are not really different from anyone else. They are just decent people, who want to be allowed to live their lives and want to afford others the right to do the same. Anyone who believes otherwise either needs to feel superior to some other group, or have been fooled by the right-wing lies (and the media who show the extremists much more than the millions of decent muslims).

Isn't it time to stop this demonization of decent people? Would christians want to be demonized by associating them with the KKK, Hitler, or the Inquisition leaders (all of whom claim to be christians)? It is just stupid to use the actions of a few to make millions look bad!

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