Sunday, June 02, 2013

Bush Legacy

Just wanted to remind folks who got us into the economic mess we still are trying to dig out of. President George Bush inherited a booming economy with a budget surplus. After 8 years in office, he turned that budget surplus into an enormous budget deficit and a ballooning national debt. And just for good measure, he left us with two unnecessary wars and the worst recession since the Great Depression. And that, combined with his encouragement of corporate outsourcing, cost the nation many millions of jobs.

President Obama has ended one of those wars (and will hopefully end the other someday). And he has turned the economy around -- with a booming stock market, falling unemployment, rising home prices, and a shrinking budget deficit. He probably could have done even better if not for GOP obstruction, but that's still pretty good considering the economic mess he inherited due to Bush's incompetence.

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