Sunday, July 21, 2013

Football Is Back !

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Football is back! Dallas Cowboys players arrived at training camp on Saturday, and took their physicals -- and camp will officially open on Sunday, July 21st.

Yes, I know the season doesn't officially start for another six weeks or so (with the Cowboys playing their first game on September 8th against the New York Giants). But I'm a die-hard fan, and for me the first day of training camp marks the return of football. Training camp, and the pre-season games, give us an idea of how the off-season moves of the team went -- whether the draftees and free agent acquisitions are going to work out or not.

This year the Cowboys will play five pre-season games instead of the normal four games. That's because they have been chosen to play in the annual Hall of Fame game in Canton, Ohio. That game will be played on August 4th against the Miami Dolphins. Here is the full pre-season schedule:

August 4 -- Miami Dolphins
August 9 -- Oakland Raiders
August 17 -- Arizona Cardinals
August 24 -- Cincinnati Bengals
August 29 -- Houston Texans

I believe the biggest questions the Cowboys face this year is in improving the offensive & defensive lines, and finding the two best starting safeties. It will be interesting to keep track of what happens in these areas as training camp proceeds.

I may do some posts on the Cowboys in the coming weeks (if something happens that interests me). Like with the Tour de France, if that doesn't interest you then ignore them. I will, as always, continue my regular posts on the political and economic scene.

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