Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Run Wendy, Run !

This graphic is from the Facebook page of Texas State Representative Lon Burnam. It is the campaign donations of State Senator Wendy Davis (who is considering a run for governor on the Democratic ticket in Texas) and Attorney General Greg Abbott (who is the leading Republican candidate for that job).

Just a cursory glance will tell you which candidate is the candidate of the rich monied interests. Davis got 49% of her donations from people donating less than $100, and only 18% from people donating more than $10,000. Abbott got only 1% of his donations from small donors giving less than $100, and 72% (nearly three out of four) of his donations came from people giving more than $10,000.

If you are rich, then Abbott is your candidate. But if you're not, then you would get much better representation from Wendy Davis being governor. There's a reason why so many rich donors support Abbott -- because he has a history of favoring the rich over ordinary citizens.

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