Saturday, October 05, 2013

More Worried By Shutdown Now Than 1995

The charts are made from information in a new Gallup Poll (conducted on October 2nd and 3rd of a random nationwide sample of 1,021 adults, and has a margin of error of 4 points).

As the current GOP shutdown of the federal government drags on, many (especially in the mainstream media) are comparing this government shutdown to the one orchestrated by the GOP in November of 1995. But the only real comparison to be made is that both were caused by Republican intransigence. The economy was much better in 1995, while today the country is still trying to fix a poor economy caused by the Bush recession.

And the American people know this shutdown is much more serious than the one in 1995, and has the potential for much more economic damage to the country. When the 1995 shutdown started, only about 51% considered it to be a crisis or major problem. But today, about 70% of Americans view the current shutdown as a crisis or major problem.

After lasting for a few weeks, the 1995 shutdown was ended by the Republicans when they finally realized it was hurting their party's image -- with 62% of Americans saying it had given them a more negative view of Republicans. If today's Republicans were smart (which is debatable), they would end this current shutdown quickly. That's because this Gallup Poll shows the American people are having the same reaction this time -- with 61% saying the shutdown has given them a more negative view of the Republican Party.

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