Friday, December 27, 2013

Homosexuality And The Church

This is an excellent list. You might think this list was compiled by an atheist, or at least a secular humanist, but you would be wrong. Mr. Rigby, who made the list, is a Presbyterian minister in Austin, Texas. He has his own blog, and if you are interested, he goes into a little more depth in defending this list on that blog.

Reverend Rigby is a christian that even I, being an atheist, can respect. That's because he is far more interested in following the teachings of Jesus, than in worrying about the rules that others have laid down. I especially like how he defines himself as a "christian" (see below). I just wish more christians took this very enlightened view of their religion.

I  call myself “Christian” because I have, however imperfectly, given my life to what was taught in the Sermon on the Mount. I have little in common with those who live by rules, rituals or dogmas invented latter and then labelled “Christian.” I do not see how a focus on matters Jesus did not even address should be called by his name. I do not know or care if Jesus was born of a virgin, or could do magic tricks. I do not understand what questions of his divinity even mean. I only know that when I listen to the beatitudes my heart comes to life.


  1. I love this guy. I read his blog every day and I am Agnostic! He is one of those rare theists who actually live in the real world not totally relying on his every breath from the rarefied air of theology. His take on the Bible and Jesus makes me think that he really understands how to apply the teachings of both to life in the Real World. He makes sense.

  2. He does indeed make sense, and his blog is well worth reading -- whether you are christian or not.


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