Saturday, December 21, 2013

Latest Republican Presidential Poll

These are the latest findings on who might be the favorite in the next presidential race among Republicans. It is from the recent YouGov Poll -- taken between December 14th and 16th of 1,000 nationwide adults, with a 4.2 point margin of error. The chart above was the opinion only of the poll's 296 Republican respondents (so the margin of error would be a bit higher).

As you can see, Chris Christie leads the poll with 18% -- but that far from a number that would make him a real favorite. With no candidate getting even a fifth of the vote, the only real thing that can be said is that there is no favorite yet. This is still a wide open race that anyone (even a currently unknown candidate) could win.

It does look like Paul Ryan has taken a hit among Republicans because of his reaching a budget agreement with Democratic Senator Patty Murray. At the end of October, Ryan was the choice of about 22% of Republicans. He now is the choice of only about 10%.

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