Saturday, January 25, 2014

Could They Be Any Uglier ?

We're only about two weeks away from that special event that rolls around every couple of years -- the Olympic Games. This time it's the Winter Olympic Games. I must admit, I love both the winter and summer games -- and I'm looking forward to this years event. The Olympics are the only time that all countries meet in a peaceful way, and compete on a fair and friendly basis. Personally, I think that's more important than which country gets the most medals.

A couple of days ago, the uniforms to be worn in the opening and closing ceremonies by American athletes were displayed. And personally, I believe designer Ralph Lauren has once again embarrassed himself and the country. Last summer, it was because he had the uniforms made by a sweatshop in China. He fixed that this year, but the uniforms he designed are just incredibly ugly -- looking more like an ugly christmas sweater than an athletic uniform to be worn with pride.

I'm beginning to wonder if Ralph Lauren has "jumped the shark". Maybe it's time the Olympic Committee looked for a new designer.


  1. you know, what's worse than ralph designing this ugly stuff, is that somebody had to approve the design as well. this stuff is hideous!!

  2. What a relief, Ted, for once I can agree with you! What was he on when he 'designed' those hideous garments?


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