Saturday, January 11, 2014

Values And Spending

The humorous chart above shows a very serious flaw in our government. We spend far too much on our military (especially the corporations that form the military-industrial complex). More than half of all our discretionary spending is spent on the military budget, leaving far too little for everything else. No other countries (whether they are our friends or our enemies) spends anywhere near this big a part of their budget on their military, and there is no reason for the United States to spend that much either (except for corporate greed).

We need to make deep cuts in that spending, and even if we cut that spending in half, we would still be spending more than any other nation. We could then use part of those savings to balance the budget and the rest to shore up those programs that help hurting Americans. We simply don't need to spend anywhere near this much to defend ourselves. Shouldn't we value helping our own citizens more than making war on others?

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