Tuesday, August 12, 2014


(Image was found at the website called My Life My Story.)

by Brian McLaughlin

Stop, that's mine
I'm throwin' it away
no you can't have it
just go away

Keep your dirty hands off
you know that it ain't yours
just get outta my trash
or this'll become war

I had to pay for all of that
see that stuff it wasn't free
am I gonna have to call the cops
get up from off of your knee

Feed your children
not from my can
get a job
be a man

Your clothes are filthy
you know you stink
I ain't runnin' no charity
if that's what you think

You better get to movin'
leave that tent there alone
get your hands off that bedroll
let that bridge be you home

I don't care if they're hungry
so what if they're cold
even if I were to help
they'd still grow up in your mold

Always wantin' somethin'
is how you folks are
how about you work for stuff
you really are bizarre

I'm gonna have to leave now
yeah, I'll leave you in the lurch
but my neighbors they'll be watchin' you
while I'm away at church

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