Thursday, November 26, 2015

A Thanksgiving Survey

In honor of the Thanksgiving holiday, Public Policy Polling gives us a fun survey. The survey was done on November 16th and 17th of a random national sample of 1,360 registered voters, with a margin of error of 2.7 points.

They asked those respondents who the presidential candidate would be that they would most or least like to have at Thanksgiving dinner. Hillary Clinton turned out to be the candidate most wanted for Thanksgiving dinner at 24%, while Donald Trump was the candidate least wanted at 46%.

Of course, you can't do a poll without asking some serious questions, and PPP did. They asked whether the side dish at Thanksgiving was appropriately called "stuffing" or "dressing". I've always called it dressing, but it seems I'm in the minority. About 51% say it's stuffing, and only 34% believe it's dressing -- and that holds true across all political lines.

They also asked what was the best pie to serve with Thanksgiving dinner. No surprise, pumpkin pie was the winner at 27%, with pecan and apple tied for second at 17%.

Now we know -- a Thanksgiving turkey should be served with stuffing and pumpkin pie.

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  1. On the IMPORTANT question, Sweet Potato Pie is a must if you can find a good one, if not, Pumpkin is a barely adequate substitute. And I've heard stuffing and dressing used so often that I use them interchangeably , but I thinnk I grew up calling it 'dressing.'

    As for 'best and worst' I don't agree with the majority. As bad as Trump would be, my detestation of quackery would make Carson (and Huck) even less invitablle -- but at least I could eat with them in the room. Cruz is so slimy I don't think I could eat in his presence.

    And while I support Hillary strongly as a candidate, she has too many personal foibles for me to be comfortable in her presence. (Her lies are not like Republican lies, but she still tends to say what she expects will be well received rather than the truth. (Small example was her appearance on Colbert, when she claimed to be watching THE GOOD WIFE, and showed by her commments she hadn't watched it for years, if at all. Since this year's 'plot' presumes that she is 'in truble' now, so badly that Peter Florrick could hope not just to becme VP, but actualy beat her, you'd think shed have gotten a good laugh out of it, and her 'the Florricks get strength from one another' might have been true the early years. Now they pretty much despise each other.)

    If I had to choose one candidate for my table, it might be Christie. I don't have to agree with the person, just find his company enjoyable, and of them all, he seems most likely to fit the bill -- but then I spent my first two decades in Jersey.) But the political figure I'd most like to invite would be George W. Bush, simply because we would ignore politics and spend the whole night on our mutual love of baseball -- which we both know well.


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