Thursday, November 26, 2015

Most GOP Candidates Are Out Of Step With Their Supporters

These charts were made from a recent Public Policy Polling survey -- done on November 16th and 17th of a random national sample of 670 registered Republican voters, and has a margin of error of 4 points.

Polls have shown that the Republican candidates are out-of-step with the general public on a whole host of issues. That's why they have resorted to scare tactics over terrorism -- because they don't really want to go head-to-head with the Democrats on domestic issues.

But this poll shows they are also out-of-step with many of their own supporters on some issues. It turns out that 81% of all GOP voters want the background check loopholes closed for gun buyers -- and that goes for the supporters of all the 10 most viable GOP candidates. The percentage is the lowest for supporters of Cruz and Huckabee, but even for them the support for closing those loopholes is 70% (a pretty significant majority).

Then we have the issue of raising the minimum wage. About 56% of all Republicans would support a raise to at least $10 an hour. And seven of the ten major candidates have a majority of their supporters agreeing to a raise to $10 an hour. The supporters of only three candidates (Fiorina, Cruz, and Carson) don't have a majority supporting that raise -- but the smallest support is still at least 41% among them.

None of the ten GOP candidates with the most support wants to close the background check loopholes for gun buyers, or raise the minimum wage at all -- and that puts them at odds with their own supporters.

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  1. Thanks Ted - I hope you had a great holiday.
    It's polls like these that make me wonder about the sanity of the GOP voter. Especially when they get indignant when it is pointed out to them that they consistently vote against their own interests.


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