Sunday, December 27, 2015

America The Beautiful ?

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As we prepare to enter a new year, my friend Brian provides us with a thought-provoking bit of poetry from his website -- Beej's Poetry Corner.

The Song No Longer Rings True

The sky still blue and spacious
our fields grow golden grains
snow capped mountains 
are still viewed in placid reflecting pools
fruits and nuts are upon our trees
but as for brotherhood between the seas
the good has become harder to find
our light has dimmed

They came seeking relief from religious oppression
only to convert and pervert what they found
their freedom meant 
the abolishment of the ways of
the new world they had come to
with violence and death 
taking more land
there was no self control
no liberty
no real law other than 
might made right
for the new people did not honor their god
and were deserving of death

These were not heroes
they did not liberate the peoples of this new land
they showed no mercy
there was nothing noble or divine in their treatment
not of the peoples 
nor of the lands that they found

They had a dream 
of great alabaster cities
built them
but today
these are filled with empty dilapidated buildings
the homeless
and the violence that built them 
tears run down the cheeks 
of mothers and fathers losing their sons and daughters
tears are shed by the victims
of the religious extremism that was seeded in those early times

How can we continue to sing America The Beautiful?

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