Tuesday, December 29, 2015

The Seven Nations Supplying The Most Arms To The World

The Congressional Research Service has released its latest figures on the nations suppling conventional arms to the world (mostly to developing nations). The chart above shows the percentages of those arms each of the seven leading countries is supplying. As has been true for many years now, the nation supplying the biggest percentage of arms (and the most in dollar value) is the United  States.

There is a ton of information in this report, and I urge you to at least peruse the entire report. But the main thing is that the U.S. (while claiming to be freedom and peace-loving) is doing more than any other country to promote war -- and the Western nations (all democracies) together provide much more arms than Russia and China combined.

Does the United States and other Western democracies not believe what they preach -- that their democracies are an example for the rest of the world. Their behavior seems to say that they believe their interests can only be spread through violence and war -- a sad statement indeed.

Or is it just that war is big business, and the capitalist countries realize that most of all?

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  1. Anyone reading real history can see that this country was formed in war, progressed thru war, was help together thru war. And in WWII where we had some justification we entered late with cries of NO WAR to today with CARPET BOMB ISIS!!!! And the rePUKEian campaign shows that many 'mericans are really hate-filled bigots willing to KILL!!!!


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