Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Most People Disagree With Global Climate Change Deniers

These charts are made from information in a new Monmouth University Poll -- done between December 10th and 13th of a random national sample of 1,006 adults, with a margin of error of 3.1 points. It shows that at least 6 out of 10 Americans consider global climate change to be a serious issue, think it is at least partially due to human activity, and want the government to do more to reduce its effects.

It is just more proof that the Republican officials (most of whom deny global climate change is real) are out-of-step with the opinions of most Americans. They consider the short-term profits of giant corporations (especially the big oil, gas, and coal companies) to be more important than public health and safety, or the long-term health of our planet and future generations.

They are once again on the wrong side of history, and they must be voted out of power for the good of the entire world.

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  1. And yet so many vote rePUKEian!?!?!


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