Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Obama Job Approval Rebounds, Congress Approval Doesn't

Much has been made in the media about the president being upside-down in his job approval ratings -- but three new polls show that has changed. The Gallup Poll shows the president with a positive 3 point edge, the Reuters/Ipsos Poll shows him even, and the Rasmussen Poll shows him with only a negative 1 rating. All of those are significant improvements over what those polls have shown in recent weeks. They show the public is split right down the middle over whether they think the president is doing a good job or not.

I have to think Congress would love to have the president's numbers -- because congressional approval has not improved. The YouGov Poll has 57 points more for disapproval, while the CBS/NYT Poll has the edge for disapproval at 60 points and the Gallup Poll has it at 64 points.

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