Thursday, February 04, 2016

Red States Outnumber Blue States In The U.S.

These charts are from figures in the Gallup Poll. They come from surveys done from January through December of 2015. It shows that, for the first time in Gallup's polling, red (Republican) states outnumber blue (Democratic) states. There are now 20 red states and 14 blue states. The other 16 states were deemed to be competitive states.

They figured a state to be either red or blue if the percentage of Republicans or Democrats exceeded 5 points over the other party. States with less than a 5 point difference were labeled as competitive. In the competitive chart, the positive numbers show a Democratic lean, and the negative numbers show a Republican lean. A state was deemed to be solidly red or blue if one party had a 10 point advantage.


  1. Note, however, that those 14 blue states have a total of 184 electoral votes, while the 20 red states have only 132. To reach the winning 270, a Democrat needs only 86 more, while a Republican needs 138 more.

    Also, party registration doesn't tell the whole story. New Hampshire is generally considered a swing state, for example, which Georgia is not, although it may eventually become one. Even Indiana was carried by Obama in 2008.


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