Friday, March 04, 2016

MLK, Jr. On Brotherhood


  1. Well he is wrong on so many levels.....
    People like MLK as some form of good guy but he was 1st a xtian preacher....
    We don't fly like birds...nor swim like much for his science knowledge!
    We do walk as brothers and sisters, cuz I always fought with my bothers and sisters!!!
    Want us to walk together in peace??? Throw out your various books o'BS that teach hate, bigotry, intolerance,& fear! He can make up lies about LOVE!!! but I've read the books o'BS and it aint about love!

  2. We have mastered flying and navigating the seas. King is right, we haven't fully learned to live peacefully with each other. We haven't learned to fully respect each other. We are improving but oh so slowly.


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