Sunday, March 20, 2016

Potter County Democratic Convention

The Potter County Democratic Party held its county convention in Amarillo at 2:00pm on Saturday (yesterday). The convention was chaired by Abel Bosquez, and I was elected to serve as convention secretary.

It wasn't a huge turnout, and a majority of the delegates to the county convention were Sanders supporters. A lot of them were selected to be delegates to the state convention in San Antonio -- and I hope that encourages them to stick with the party in the future, and continue to participate.

We selected 17 delegates and 9 alternates. And I wound up screwing myself. In my effort to make sure everyone got a fair chance to be a delegate, I forgot to put my own name in to be a delegate. By the time I realized that, the delegates had been chosen. I did get my name on the alternates list, and hopefully, I can get elevated to delegate status at the state convention (because there are always a few delegates who don't make it to the convention).

The majority of the delegates chosen were Sanders supporters. I hope they understand that won't make much difference as far as the delegation to the national convention goes. Party rules give our Senate District (#31) two national delegates, and because of the way the county voted in the primary, one must be a Clinton delegate and the other a Sanders delegate. As a whole, the state delegation to the national convention will reflect the percentages for each candidate in the March 1st primary.

On the whole, the convention went very smoothly -- and we were done by 3:30pm. And no one left mad (which is very good). I have hopes the Sanders and Clinton supporters in Potter county can come together in the November election.

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