Saturday, March 26, 2016

President Obama's Job Approval Continues To Climb

This chart represents the job approval numbers for President Obama, as reported at RealClearPolitics. Just a few months ago, the president's job approval numbers were upside-down -- with every poll reporting more people disapproving than approving. That has changed significantly.

Of the last nine polls done on presidential job approval, seven of them now show more people approve than disapprove, and the numbers are very close in the other two. The RCP average of the nine polls shows 48.9% approval to 46.4% disapproval.

What is causing the change? Is it finally sinking in to the public that the president has done a good job, in spite of Republican obstruction? Or could it be that the public looks at the two candidates most likely to get the GOP presidential nomination (Trump and Cruz), and think the president looks pretty good by comparison?

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