Wednesday, March 09, 2016



  1. I don't much like the hashtag, but I agree with the rest. I've found myself in the uncomfortable position of being a strong Sanders supporter and hearing fellow supporters say the worst things about Clinton -- in some cases, old Republican attacks. Are we really going to do this? Have a purity battle? Sanders is more conservative on some issues than Clinton. He just happens to be more liberal on the issues I care most about. I would be proud to have either as president. Last June, I wrote, Yes, Hillary Clinton Is a Real Liberal.

    I don't like seeing the family fight. I hit back against what I considered many unfair attacks against Sanders by Krugman and Chait. So I do feel battled from both sides. But Clinton or Sanders? There isn't much difference compared to the Republican Plan to Poison Your Children™.

  2. don't talk shit about your fellow democratic running for president..that's the republicans job


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