Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Public Wants A Vote On Supreme Court Nominee This Year

The Republicans are still adamant about refusing to give President Obama's Supreme Court nominee (Merrick Garland) a vote this year. They are playing to their base (who hopes a Republican will be elected president, and will nominate a far-right person).

But they are playing with fire. They are playing into the perception by the general public that they are the party of obstruction ("The party of NO") -- a perception that has resulted in a very low opinion of Congress (and especially congressional Republicans).

Poll after poll has shown the public wants the Senate to seriously consider and vote on the nomination of Merrick Garland. And now we have four new polls that all verify that. They are:

Quinnipiac University Poll (March 16-21) 1,451 registered voters (2.6 point moe)

CBS News / New York Times Poll (March 17-20) 1,252 adults (3.0 point moe)

CNN / ORC Poll (March 17-20) 1,001 adults (3.0 point moe)

NBC News / MonkeySurvey Poll (March 17-18) 1,838 adults (3.5 point moe)

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