Saturday, April 30, 2016

Creating Terrorists

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  1. BS!! isLame as is xtian a very stupid idea. it is evil..don't think so? then read their dogma...their books o'BS!!! Any thing that teaches hate-intolerance-bigotry is evil!!!
    Yes I know their are radical religious people that ignore the books o'BS and only pick out the parts that are about love, BUT the books o'BS STILL contain the hate-intolerance-bigotry!!! So eventually some muslin or xtian will kill someone because of the insane re-enforcement the dogma gives to his own insanity. I will consider ALL dogma evil until the followers REMOVE the hate-intolerance-bigotry. OH! WAIT! That will never happen as it has not happened in 2000yrs so why now? And if they did remove the BS then they may have to let their women out of their tents!!!!! OH!! THE HORROR!!!! of not abusing women.


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