Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Posting May Be Light For A Couple Of Days, And Here's Why

Posting may (or may not) be rather light for a couple of days. It all depends on the healing powers of my rather aged body.

Back in September of 2005, I was shot in the abdomen by a carjacker. Doctors repaired my innards through an 11 inch incision.

Now, 11 years later, that incision is starting to pull apart in at least one area -- creating a hernia. Today (April 19th), I will be undergoing laparoscopic surgery to get it repaired. I'm not too worried about the surgery, but I've been told it will take a few days to recover and could be painful.

The blogging will depend on how I feel in the next few days. I plan to continue blogging, but my body may not agree. At any rate, I will be healed and blogging fully in a few days.


  1. That kind of procedure isn't that invasive, so I hope you will be back at it very soon. Regardless, heal well!

  2. Damn...sorry to hear about the original problem as well as this. Get well quickly!

  3. I had to have a hernia repair because I overdid it after my appendectomy in 2004 and developed a good sized balloon. The surgeon cut into the same incision site so I wouldn't have two scars and stapled some sort of mesh to the muscle covering my guts. It hurt for about two days but I stayed in bed and was back at work in a week, (I'm a bit of a wimp). I think I'm bullet proof in that area now. Take it easy so you don't have to do this again. Don't lift anything over ten pounds for the next several months. Remember, take advantage of this time to eat well, relax, and let others wait on you. It never hurts to groan a few times for theatrical effect too.

  4. I will give the Goddess something shiny for you and sending healing love to you..

  5. Best wishes for your recovery.

  6. Ted, best wishes for a successful surgery and recovery.


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