Thursday, April 21, 2016

We Can Trust Her

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  1. Yeah, but she did murder Vince Foster -- you have to admit that!

    It's not like I'm in love with Hillary Clinton or anything, but having lived through the 1990s, it's almost impossible to think ill of her in this way. After all the investigations of the 1990s, I became convinced that the Clintons were the most squeaky clean politicians ever (not counting Bill's dalliances, which we knew about before he was elected).

    My biggest complaint about her is regarding TPP. She's given herself tremendous room to turn around on that, and that's what I think she will do. But people who are interested in politics have to develop a good ear for the wiggle room that politicians give themselves. Taking this cynical stance where politicians always lie is lazy and stupid and most of all untrue. I read someone saying that Clinton was going to tear up the Iran deal. That's a shocking statement. There is absolutely no reason to think that because she's never hedged on it. I don't mind such stupidity from conservatives, but I hate it from liberals. We aren't supposed to be stupid!


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