Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Another Bad GOP Budget


  1. You know the GOP is full of idiots when they go for a budget that impacts their base, old people (full disclosure, I'm almost 70 but I'm a progressive Democrat). Medicare should be enhanced to include everyone and phase out "resource sucking" insurance companies. SS caps should be eliminated so everyone pays a fair share (EVERYONE). Most young people don't realize that if it weren't for SS, they would have the complete responsibility of taking care of aging parents. I was ecstatic that my mom had SS and Medicare benefits when my dad died since I was finishing up my degree at UT and did not have to drop out. My brothers and another sister were also in college. My kid sister was still in high school. My mom had a few perks from the USAF retirement that my dad had set up but the bulk of her support came from SS. THINK, people...before you mouth off that older citizens are taking from you because you could have the financial responsibility for their entire care without these "Socialistic" programs. And these retirees contributed to SS and Medicare their entire working lives. Their retirement also frees up another job you can apply for. It's a "pay it forward" plan that's been working well for generations. You remember the 2000 movie "Pay It Forward" starring Kevin Spacey?

  2. This is why I will never vote rePUKEian!!! The biggest suckers of federal retirement money are the feds themselves. They make all other welfare dudes look like nothing. And the big difference is that I had to PAY for SS & Medicare, the fat ahole rePUKEians get theirs FREE!!!!!!!!! And the prez is the worse!!! $ to 8 years sitting on your ass doing nothing and you leave with your own FREE guards and over $200K/yr...CROOK!


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