Saturday, June 04, 2016

Stephen King On Trump


  1. For me, Trump is the living embodiment of Gregg Stillson, the corrupt Senate candidate from King's novel THE DEAD ZONE (and it's film adaptation). Much like the character from the book, Trump says things that are, to be brutally honest, insane--and yet many fall for it and of course there are those who call themselves "progressives" who are all for letting him get into the White House because...well, he'll bring the "revolution" or whatever (even if that comes at a great human cost).

  2. Hi. I found you when I was doing an image search for "Stillson and Trump." You know King was absolutely correct, unfortunately 46% of the eligible voters DIDN'T vote. And I know that some percentage of those voters decided simply to boycott the election totally; I nearly did the same and I've voted in every presidential election since the 1970's. But HAD everyone voted, I'm sure Trump would have lost. He is every bit as frightening as the Stillson character.


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