Saturday, June 04, 2016

Trump Crossed The Line In His Attack On The Press

Up until now, the media has been giving Donald Trump a free pass. Most have not called him on his lies or name-calling, and have acted like those were actually fair campaign tactics. They have also given "the Donald" more press coverage than any other presidential candidate on either political party.

But that free ride may be over now. This week he viciously attacked the press for just doing their job. He was upset when the media questioned his foot-dragging on making donations to veterans groups (as he had promised to do when raising money for them months ago).

He could have just explained why it had taken so long to disburse the funds to those organizations, but he chose to attack the media instead -- making it very obvious that he's far too thin-skinned to hold the office of president.

And even many conservative media outlets are upset now over Trump's ridiculous accusations. A good example is the following editorial from the Waco Tribune (certainly no bastion of liberal philosophy). They wrote:

Leave it to an entrepreneurial blowhard who has disparaged U.S. prisoners of war as “losers” and who himself didn’t serve in the military to take umbrage at being held to account about the millions of dollars raised for veterans under his aegis — and a day after this nation paid solemn homage to its war dead, some of whom died as “losers,” that is POWs.
Apparent Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump sure didn’t protest when the national news media publicized his much-ballyhooed declaration that he would boycott a Fox News debate and instead headline a fundraiser to benefit veterans in January. How dare the Fourth Estate then hold him accountable for money supposedly raised at this event?
Why all the confusion? Don’t blame the news media. Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski told The Washington Post that Trump’s event raised $4.5 million — far less than the $6 million that Trump himself earlier claimed — because some donors reportedly didn’t follow through. Then Trump contradicted Lewandowski and said the total was actually higher than that. As of Tuesday, the tally was supposedly $5.6 million.
And the questions are relevant, especially given the scandal surrounding such groups as the Disabled Veterans National Foundation a few years ago. The fact that Trump himself failed to donate $1 million to veterans groups as he claimed months ago — that pesky Washington Post had to remind him of this too — should concern veterans who believe they can actually trust him.
Indeed, veterans should question Trump’s obvious ploy to use them as unwitting political pawns. While smooth politicians routinely profess to champion the armed forces and veterans’ causes, some seek only to manipulate our veterans for cheap political gain.
In this case, Trump shouldn’t have waited for the press to call him out; he should have provided regular updates on how much was raised and what veterans organizations had to do to qualify for some of the cash. Instead, he dithered, allowed festering concerns by veterans, the public and the press to mount, then voiced outrage when at last held accountable.
If only all this ended there. We’re stunned at Trump’s almost maniacal lashing out at anybody and everybody who challenges him. Lately, besides blasting the news media, he also attacked William Kristol, whose uncompromising brand of conservatism apparently will not allow him to back Trump, and a federal judge presiding over a civil fraud case against Trump University. At one point, Trump noted the American-born judge was a “Mexican.” No dog whistles there, right?

While it now looks as if Trump is begrudgingly making good on his fundraiser benefiting veterans, Americans should tremble at the prospect of a man so quick to lose his temper and vow vengeance ever becoming commander in chief.
(NOTE -- The cartoon image of Trump above is by DonkeyHotey.)

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