Friday, July 01, 2016

Nearly 3 Out Of 4 Say The U.S. Economy Is "Rigged"

Here's some more bad news for the Republican Party. Congressional Republicans want to give the rich (and the corporations) more tax cuts. They want to continue letting corporations export American jobs. They oppose raising the minimum wage. They want to cut Social Security benefits and raise the retirement age. They want to privatize Medicare. And they want to further weaken labor unions. In other words, they want to further tilt the economic playing field to benefit the rich and the corporations.

But that may not sell to well in this year's campaign. A recent CNN Marketplace / Edison Research Poll shows that 71% of the public already believes the economy is "rigged" to favor the rich. And 58% believes Wall Street does more to hurt most people than to help them, while 56% favors letting the government break up financial institutions that get "too big".

The prevailing opinion of the American public is against Wall Street, giant corporations, and the rich. They want them to pay more taxes -- not less. And they want new economic rules that will make the economy fair to all people. If the GOP doesn't wake up and smell the roses, they could well receive a real thrashing in the coming election.

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