Thursday, July 28, 2016

Obama Passes The Baton In A Great Convention Speech

(Photo of Obama and Clinton is from

I was already feeling pretty good about how the Democratic National Convention was going, but Wednesday night put it on a new and higher level -- and it made a comparison with last week's GOP convention very stark. And it was due to a great speech delivered by President Obama.

The president once again proved that he is one of the great speech writers and deliverers of our time. And Hillary Clinton couldn't have been given a better kick-off to her campaign. Obama delivered a hopeful vision of America and its future, and enumerated the reasons why only Hillary Clinton can lead us to that future. In effect, he passed the presidential baton to Hillary Clinton.

Then, immediately after the speech (which had the convention on its feet and cheering) Hillary Clinton made a surprise appearance to hug the president and walk arm-in-arm with him. It was a powerful visual to top off the president's powerful speech.

Now the only thing left is for Hillary to accept the nomination tomorrow night in what is hopefully another good speech. I see no reason why Democrats shouldn't now leave Philadelphia feeling that had a very good convention. And I believe Hillary Clinton should get a very good bump in the polls because of this successful convention.

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  1. I was standing and clapping and cats think I'm crazy.


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