Thursday, July 14, 2016

Swing State Voters Don't Trust Trump To Pick S.C. Nominees

One of the most important issues in the coming presidential election is the picking of Supreme Court justices. The court is already one justice short, and Senate Republicans have sworn to let the next president fill that vacancy. In addition, due to the ages of several justices, it is within the realm of possibility that the next president will choose another one or two justices.

In other words, the next president could be responsible for the way the court votes (progressive or conservative) for a generation. That makes it very important that voters trust that president to make good choices.

Public Policy Polling recently did a survey in six "swing states" -- Arizona, New Hampshire, Iowa, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Wisconsin. And what they found was not good news for Donald Trump. One of the questions those voters were asked was whether they would trust Donald Trump to pick Supreme Court nominees. The voters in all six states answered that question in the negative -- Arizona by 5 points, New Hampshire by 15 points, Iowa by 17 points, Pennsylvania by 13 points, Ohio by 11 points, and Wisconsin by 23 points.

Those are some pretty overwhelming numbers, and the question has to be asked -- can Trump win those states (which he must do to be elected) if the voters don't trust him to pick good Supreme Court justices?

Public Policy Polling interviewed 691 registered voters in Arizona, 897 in Iowa, 578 in New Hampshire, 708 in Ohio, 980 in Pennsylvania, and 843 in Wisconsin on June 22nd and 23rd. The margins of error for the surveys are +/-3.7%, +/-3.3%, +/-4.1%, +/-3.7%, +/-3.1%, and +/-3.4% respectively. 

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