Friday, July 15, 2016

The Only Developed Nation Not Guaranteeing Paid Leave

The chart above (from the U.S. Department of Labor) shows the amount of full paid leave (in weeks) granted to mothers in the world's developed nations. Note there is only one of those nations that guarantees NO paid leave at all -- the United States.

This is shameful, and it must be changed. We can argue over how much paid leave should be granted to mothers after giving birth, but the idea of no paid leave at all is unacceptable and inexcusable. We bend over backwards to help corporations and give tax breaks to the rich. Why can't we help mothers just a bit. Aren't they providing for the future of the nation in every bit as important a way as corporations and the rich?

Of course, the reason why we don't provide that paid leave is because our Congress is controlled by the Republicans (whose true constituencies are corporations and the rich). It's one more reason why they must be voted out of power in November.

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  1. This attitude/political position brings to mind a nice little movie -- "Waitress" -- in which an awful, demanding husband worries that his wife's pregnancy will produce a being who'll get more attention from her than he gets. Maybe this vulnerability and egocentricity can be found in the workplace? After all, the purpose of a woman is ...well... to serve men. Hmmm...


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