Monday, August 08, 2016

Boxed (A Poem)

(This image is by Frits Ahlefeldt at

The following is another poem by my friend Brian McLaughlin.

Within the Box

Man, placed in a box of rules.
Tolerated as long as he behaves
and doesn't wander outside.
His growth limited by its walls
with no room to add anything that might be new.

Is the world afraid
to have a new dessert,
one that may tickle the tastes
of those who see themselves as inmates?

Bound within this box,
their faith and beliefs are squashed.
The box dwellers are deprived
of their choice and preference of their own
likes, dislikes and that which makes them who they are.
Their individualism stolen.
Their personal freedom denied.
Their voices silenced by a sound proofing
created by the approval or disapproval of the elder.

There is no freedom within the box
when forced to live by another mans creed.

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