Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Americans Like The Mixing Of Cultures In Our "Melting Pot"

It is best if people mix and match their culture, picking up new things that they like and discarding old traditions which they don’t.

Thinking about the cultural traditions in your family, are they all from one country, religion or culture, or have you created your own mix of traditions from various sources?

These charts were made from a new YouGov Poll -- done on September 14th and 15th of a random national sample of 1000 adults U.S. citizens, and has a margin of error of about 4.8 points.

Donald Trump, and his teabagger followers have a disdain for immigrants. They don't want the United States to change, and they know that immigrants bring new ideas and different cultures. They want the old white country with mainly European traditions. Fortunately, they are a minority.

As the charts above show, most American disagree with them. About two-thirds (67%) of the general public says it is best if people mix and match their culture, picking up new things they like and discarding old traditions they don't like.

And they practice what they preach -- with nearly the same percentage (65%) saying their own families have created a mix of traditions from various sources.

I've heard some say that the old idea of the United States being a "melting pot" is wrong -- that we are more like a stew, with many ingredients working together but maintaining their own identity. I think this survey shows that both ideas may be correct. 

Americans like to maintain their own identity, but they also don't mind accepting and using the culture of other peoples. That sounds very appropriate for a nation of immigrants -- and like it or not, that's what we are.

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