Thursday, September 15, 2016

The Poverty Rate This Century Among Racial/Ethnic Groups

This chart was made from information in the new United States Census Report. Note that poverty began to rise with the election of Republican George W. Bush among all groups, and rose sharply when the recession kicked in near the end of his presidency.

Also note that the poverty rate for all groups is still higher now than at the beginning of the Bush presidency. This is because the congressional Republicans have cut government help through a severe austerity program, refused to raise the minimum wage, and blocked all proposed job creation programs.

The chart also points out that poverty is not evenly distributed among the racial/ethnic groups. Whites have the lowest poverty rate -- due to the white privilege they enjoy in jobs and opportunities. Meanwhile, Blacks and Hispanics have a much higher poverty rate than the national average.

This country not only needs to do a much better job in fighting poverty, it also needs to do much better in eliminating racial disparities.

NOTE -- This figures above are percentages of each group living in poverty. Whites actually make up the largest percentage of people living in poverty (41.2%), since they still make up the largest percentage of the total population.

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