Saturday, October 01, 2016

Global Warming Gets Worse While Our Politicians Ignore It

The chart above should scare anyone who wants a livable planets for their descendants. For the first time in human history, we are experiencing a year in which carbon dioxide (the predominant greenhouse gas) will stay above 400 parts per million for the entire year. It normally has its lowest point in September, but it stayed above 400ppm this September -- and it's likely that we will not see it ever dip below that level anytime in the future.

2016 was already on target to be the hottest year since weather records have been kept, and this level of carbon dioxide insure it will keep getting hotter. World leaders have designated 3.6 degrees F as the level which cannot be exceeded with serious damage to our environment. We are already at about 2.7 degrees F.

Can we keep the level down to no more than 3.6 degrees F? Some think the increase in carbon dioxide will not allow that. One thing we do know is that we are running out of time. Meanwhile our politicians do nothing more than debate whether global climate change is real (a fact already accepted by 97% of scientists).

If we are not already at the tipping point, we are getting very close to it -- the point at which disaster cannot be averted. The time for debate is over. It is time for ACTION!

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