Monday, October 10, 2016

There Will Be A Divisive GOP Party War After The Election

The 47 Republican elected officials above have all disavowed the candidacy of Donald Trump. I doubt that will be the total list, especially if further lewd stories about Trump are released in the coming days (as is expected). These officials know they don't just depend on Republicans to be elected, but need Independent votes also -- and they see Trump as driving those voters away. They see Trump as damaging their careers, and the Republican Party.

The thinking is that once Trump loses, they can reclaim their party (and hopefully a large part of the general electorate). But that is a rather rosy picture, and probably bears little resemblance to reality.

They are overlooking the substantial part of their party composed of teabaggers. The teabaggers aren't a majority of Republicans, but they are a large enough part to nominate a presidential candidate (Trump) in a large field of candidates. And the Republicans cannot win anything without those teabaggers.

Who are those teabaggers going to blame if Donald Trump loses this election? They aren't going to blame Trump -- he is their super hero. And they aren't going to blame Clinton, because they believe she is beatable. They are going to blame the RNC and the elected officials who refused to enthusiastically back Donald Trump. They will be convinced that if those officials had gotten behind Trump they could have won. It's not true, but logic and reason have never been a part of the teabagger movement.

The Republican Party is between a rock and a hard place right now, and this will become obvious after the election. If the teabaggers retain control of the party, they will continue to lose national and most state elections. And if the establishment Republicans wrest control back from the teabaggers, there is a chance those teabaggers will break away and start their own political party.

I have not given that idea much credence in the past, but if the teabaggers blame establishment Republicans for Trump losing (and they will), I think there is a good chance that they just might do that.

There aren't enough of them to seize power nationally, but there are enough to ruin the Republican Party by leaving.

The Republicans are facing a political civil war, and the first shots in that war will happen fairly soon after the election.


  1. No things are going well for the rePUKEians! The Prez?!?! Who cares!?! the real power is in the congress and that is where they expect to win! And as seen in many states that is what will happen. So another 4 to 8yrs of nothing constructive being done and everything blocked by the rePUKEians will be blamed on Hillary. And most of the brain dead bigoted aholes called 'mericans will believe it.

  2. hmmm, isn't this what happened to the whig party which brought about the birth of the repulican party in the first place? the main issue in question was slavery at the time and today it still seems to be about a select group believing that they are superior to any of the perceived minorities.


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