Friday, November 25, 2016

19 Countries Believe Globalization Is Good, But Favors Rich

The charts were made from a survey the YouGov Poll did of at least 1000 people in each of 19 countries last October. The poll defined globalization as:

The increasing movement of products, ideas, money, jobs, culture and people around the world. 

Note that every country had significantly more people believing globalization was a force for good than a force for bad -- and in most of those countries, that was the opinion of the majority. This was also the view of respondents in the United States -- by a margin of 13 points.

What's odd about this is illustrated in the bottom chart. Those same countries also believe that the globalization is not to the benefit of ordinary people, but to the wealthy. That is also the view in the United States -- by a whopping 32 points.

I take from this that the people in the countries most involved in globalization do not want that globalization stopped. They would however, like to see it changed so that it also benefits the ordinary people.

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  1. Good to see we’re not the only ones that vote against our best interests...misery loves company.


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