Sunday, November 06, 2016

Bertrand Russell


  1. the true beauty and appreciation of art is found in what he who views it sees or hears and not what the artist intended. in this each person is fed according to their own need of the art.

    the man is either not so clever as he thinks when leaving his statement open to the interpretation of another who sees and understands the world from a different perspective or he has tried to impress by being a little too cute in his presentation.

    accuracy can ofen be quite flexible!

    1. Accuracy??? And just how do you get that?? Well we all know that Brian is gay!! Now when you can accurately determine what I just said, you will better understand the meme above!
      And that is also why no one in his right mind tries to explain anything with is totally determined by the viewer, the artist's intent is meaningless, unless the artist explains it to you!.


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