Saturday, November 26, 2016

Donald Trump's Appointees Are As Scary As He Is

When Trump was elected by getting more than 270 electoral votes, there were some who thought his administration might not be so bad. Their reasoning was that Trump would not really be a hands-on president, and would nominate some reason people to do the actual governing. Unfortunately, Trump's first few picks are dashing those hopes.

Trump started by picking Steve Bannon to be his chief White House advisor -- an admitted member of the "alt-right" (i.e., a white supremacist). Trump says that is not True of Bannon, but Bannons own words and actions make Trump's claim a pathetic farce. Bannon is not only a white supremacist, but also a misogynist and a xenophobe -- and anyone denying that is simply ignoring the facts.

Then Trump appointed a known racist to be Attorney General (supervising the Justice Department, which Americans count on to insure government fairness). Jeff Sessions denies that he is a racist, but then almost all racists deny their racism. But years ago, when nominated for the federal court system, he was denied approval by the U.S. Senate because of his racism. And after being elected to that Senate, Sessions has consistently voted to support racism and inequality.

Now Trump has appointed billionaire Betsy Devos to be the new Secretary of Education. If possible, this pick may even be worse than that of Bannon and Sessions -- because she could destroy the hopes and dreams of millions of American students by destroying public education.

Born with a silver spoon in her mouth, Devos never attended public schools, never sent her own children to a public school, never taught or worked in a public school, and has spent her life opposing public school education. She favors taking money away from public schools, and sending it to both charter and religious private schools -- which would go a long way toward killing free public education in this country.

And if that was bad enough, she has also spent millions supporting organizations that would deny equal rights and opportunities to the LGBT community. She is a true believer in the homophobic (and racist) belief that rights are not for all citizens in this country.

If these three picks are indicative of Trump's remaining picks, then the Trump administration is going to do serious damage to this country and its citizens.

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