Friday, December 09, 2016

New Poll Shows Public Opposes Most Trump Policies

Trump campaigned on several policies, and looking at his cabinet picks, it looks like he is going to try and follow through on those policies. He may be committing political suicide though for himself and his GOP cohorts though, because the American public is not on board with those changes.

He has said he wants to give a huge tax cut to the wealthy. But only 29% support that. A whopping 67% (two-thirds of the public) opposes cutting taxes for the wealthy.

He has talked about overturning the regulations put in place to fight climate change. Only 31% support that, while 59% opposes it.

He has promised to make it easier for Americans to carry guns. Only 38% agree with that, while 57% disagree.

He has promised to build a wall on the Mexican border. Only 42% agree, while 55% oppose it.

He has promised to deport undocumented immigrants currently living in the United States. Only 25% think that's a good idea, while 72% opposes it.

He has promised to appoint judges that would overturn the Roe vs Wade decision on abortion. But 67% of the public supports the Roe vs Wade decision, while only 30% oppose it.

And finally, while Trump claims he will be a "uniter", the public doesn't believe it. About 43% are more concerned about discrimination under a Trump administration and 38% are just as concerned as they were before he was elected. Only 17% think Trump's election will make them less concerned about discrimination (and that's probably the racists who want discrimination to continue). No one believes Trump will be a uniter.

Trump and the Republicans now have the power to do what they want, but much of that will be against the will of the American people.

These charts were made using information in a new Quinnipiac University Poll -- done between November 17th and 20th of a random national sample of 1,071 voters, with a margin of error of 3 points.

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  1. Well not surprising as he LOST the democratic election!!!


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