Wednesday, December 21, 2016

No Majority Support


  1. see, trump was right, the system IS rigged. in the favor of the republicans that is.

  2. WRONG!!! As long as they continue being elected into office and do their evil, they are supported by the majority!!! SO you know the majority that matters are hate filled delusional stoopid ahole bigots of various levels. Welcome to your future! But I could be wrong! Trump could be a savior who lied thru his ass to get elected so as to help society and the poor....but I doubt it!

  3. The reason that Republicans are taking over Congress and the White House is that more people are voting for them in many states. As Warren should know, we do not elect our representatives or our president through a national popular vote. If we want to change the status quo, far more attention is going to need to be paid to what is happening at the state level. Voters who support non-Republican candidates are going to need to turn out in much greater numbers. Until that happens, we will continue electing Republicans.


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