Sunday, December 11, 2016

Number Of Religious Continues To Shrink In The U.S.

These charts are from a study released by the Public Religion Research Institute back toward the end of September. It shows that the rise of those not affiliated with any religion continues to grow -- and now composes about a quarter (25%) of the U.S. population. Among generation X (29%) and millennials (39%), it is even larger -- and the number of not affiliated grows every decade.

And it looks like almost every christian group is losing members (White evangelicals, White mainline protestants, Black protestants, and catholics). The non-christian religions show only a tiny growth. The biggest growth is among those not affiliated with any religion, and they are now the largest group in this country.

The last chart shows why people are leaving religion. There are several reasons, but the largest by far is they have stopped believing in the religion's teachings. That's not surprising, considering that many religious groups have turned political, deny science, and promote hate against others.

The United States is fast becoming a non-religious country -- just like many countries in Europe have done.

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