Friday, December 16, 2016

Public Expects Corruption - Wants Trump To Divest

As the question above shows, about 69% of the general public expects Donald Trump to act in ways that will benefit his businesses while president (using that office to make both himself and his family much richer). In other words, they expect Trump to be a corrupt president -- maybe the most corrupt president in the history of this country.

But that is not what the public wants. They want him to divest himself of all his business holdings, and put what he cannot divest in a true blind trust (where he won't know if his presidential dealings will make himself and his family richer or not).

Unfortunately, it looks like he's not going to do that. At best, he will just turn over the day-to-day operations of his businesses to his family. That's not even close to a real blind trust, especially since he's still trying to find a legal way to include his family in White House decisions and actions.

All of the questions and answers in this post are from a new Politico / Morning Consult Poll -- done between December 8th and 11th of a random national sample of 2,000 registered voters, and has a 2 point margin of error.

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