Saturday, December 17, 2016

Residents Of Western Nations Overestimate % Of Muslims

Donald Trump, and his bigoted right-wing friends, would like for Americans to believe that the country is being overrun by a horde of muslims. And the United States is not the only country where this bigoted anti-muslim view is being preached. Right-wingers in other Western nations are preaching the same kind of bigotry.

Sadly, it looks like a lot of people in all of the Western countries are buying into that argument -- even though is it far from true.

The Ipsos / Mori Poll questioned between 800 and 1000 people in each of the countries charted above. The survey was done between September 22nd and November 6th. Results are on the charts above.

The top chart asked people what the percentage of muslims was currently in their country. The green line represented the average guess of the people in each country. The black line represents the actual percentage of muslims.

The bottom chart shows what the people in each country thinks will be the percentage of muslims in 2020. The orange line is the average guess and the black line the actual projected percentage.

Note that every one of the Western nations vastly overestimated the percentage of muslims living in their country, and the percentage who will be living there is 2020. In the United States, the average guess was 17% now and 23% in 2020. The real percentages are 1% and 1.1%.

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