Wednesday, December 21, 2016

The Economy Was The Top Issue In 2016

The chart above was made from information from the Gallup Poll. The figures represent the totals for all of 2016 on which issue was considered most important by poll respondents (who were asked to choose only one). During the year, about 12,000 people were queried, and there is a margin of error of about 1 point.

Easily coming in as the top issue for 2016 was the economy with 16% of respondents picking it. Close behind was government which 13% chose. No other issue finished in double digits, although unemployment and race relations came close (finishing at 9% and 8% respectively).


  1. What does “Government” as an issue mean? I read the link but it didn’t really explain it.

    1. I think it refers to the public perception that government wasn't woking as it should have been.


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